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Mobile crane collapse near IKEA in the Netherlands

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An eight axle all terrain crane (Likely to be an LTM 1500-8.1) overturned in Groningen, the Netherlands on Tuesday (15th Feb) closing down the local IKEA store.

The crane, from the Schot group, was set up in preparation to lift a large heat pump when it collapsed sideways. Although it could not rule out that crane rigging could be the issue, it looks like the ground was the issue. No counterweight was installed as the boom was extended at a relatively low angle.

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Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident, but the boom nose came down hard on a grassed area right on top of an underground gas main. The store was closed down for the rest of the day while the emergency services investigated possible damage to the gas line.

A green light was given sometime later, allowing the recovery to get underway. Damage was limited to the crane and the car park surface.

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