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Tadano GT-600EX Truck Crane designed for the Australian market

While Tadano has held their reputation for their range of truck cranes in the Australian market, they have once again launched a brand new Aussie-spec 60 tonne truck crane, GT600EX, hoping to further strengthen their foothold for truck crane segment in Australia.

The GT600EX is manufactured in Japan and one of the main features is 43 meters main boom, the longest boom currently in its class. Using a newly developed rounded boom construction, the five sections boom also comes with a two-stage bi-fold jib of 9.8 meters and 15.2 meters.

Another strong advantage of the truck crane is contributed by its strong line pull of 5,600kg, thanks to the strong winches on board.

Ray Payne of Capel Crane Hire in Western Australia was the first to own the Tadano GT600EX in Australia market.

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