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Tadano New 700 All Terrain For Japan Market

Tadano AR-7000N All Terrain Crane

A new 700-tonne capacity all-terrain wheeled mobile crane has been announced by Tadano in Japan. The AR-7000N is a seven axle telescopic boom crane for sale in the manufacturer’s domestic market. Charts show its maximum 700 tonnes lifted with 15.4 metres of the boom at a 2.7 metres radius. At 3 metres the figure is 550 tonnes.

Versions are available with a six-section 64-metre boom or a four-section 43 metre. A rigid extension on the latter gives a total of 55.5 metres. A lattice-type luffing jib up to 90 metres long gives a hook height of 142 metres.

Another option is a four-section hydraulic telescopic luffing jib. Fully extended to 35.1 metres on the version with a six-section main boom gives a hook height of 100 metres.

Lifting Performance

At a 10 metre radius with the four section boom extended to 28.7 metres , it will lift 208 tonnes. With the six section boom at a 10 metre radius and extended to 24 metres, capacity is 211.9 tonnes.

The 3 metre wide 7 axle carrier is 15.99 metres long and is made in Germany. Power is from a 12.8 litre, 390 kW Mercedes OM471 LA diesel with selective catalytic reduction. Drive options are 14 x 4, 14 x 6 or 14 x 8. Maximum speed is 62 km/h.

Power for the crane upper is from a 7.7 litre, 260 kW Mercedes OM936LA diesel, also with SCR.

The maximum counterweight on the superstructure is 208 tonnes. Overall, the four-section boom version is 19.07 metres long while the six-section model is 18.82 metres.

As these are the preliminary information as regards to the 700-tonne all-terrain crane. We will update once that we have more news on this crane. Meanwhile, if there is a change, we would also do a comparison between Tadano AR-7000N and Demag AC700.

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