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Two men and a woman steal cars using a crane in Japan

steal car using crane in japan 2022

On the Sep 13, two men and a woman were arrested on suspicion of theft and attempted theft by a joint investigative team including the Fukui Police Station, who stole three cars from a parking lot in Fukui City. The crime was a daring move using a crane during the day.

Arrested were 45-year-old Yumiko Sakakibara, who was born in Fukui City and has no fixed place of residence and no job, and a 73-year-old male acquaintance of Sakakibara’s husband who works in a car dismantling business in Fukui City.

According to the police, Sakakibara and others are suspected of stealing three passenger cars and a light passenger car parked in a parking lot in Fukui City in June this year by lifting them with a truck equipped with a crane.

In July, when he tried to steal a light passenger car, he was discovered by a police officer who was on alert and ended in an attempt. The two have denied the charges.

Sakakibara was also involved in a series of robberies targeting petrol stations in Reihoku, and her husband, Yasuyuki, has already been arrested for theft and other charges.

Police believe that these crimes are a series of crimes, and are investigating additional crimes and the existence of accomplices.

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