Grove YB5520

Yardboss YB5520 was first to introduce in Bauma 2013 as the successor of its older 16-tonne YB5518. The crane is also the first to be fully CE-certified in line with the latest European EN 13000 regulations.

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For starters, the YB5520 has a higher capacity and longer boom than other cranes in its class. Its 18 t capacity and 16.6 m four-section, full-power boom bring a new era of industrial crane lifting power. For the first time on an industrial crane, Grove is offering two jib options: customers have a choice between a 4.6 m boom extension and an adjustable 4.6 m to 7.6 m swing away boom extension.

The lifting power of the YB5520 comes in a small package. With only a 4.6 m by 2.4 m footprint, the crane will fit into the tightest of workspaces. It measures only 2.5 m tall, making it ideal for indoor work. Its crab steering with self-alignment and pivoting boom nose – adjustable to five positions from minus 30 to 80 degrees – enable easy manoeuvring when there isn’t much room.

Other features include a 2-speed hoist that enables operators to raise the hook rapidly or slowly, depending on the lift requirement. It has a 3.3 l, Euro mot 3B Cummins diesel engine and ITL power shift transmission – it can be driven in either two-wheel, four-wheel or crab steering mode. Where previous YardBosses are best-suited to operate on improved surfaces, the YB5520 will also be able to drive on unimproved, semi-rough terrains, such as gravel and dirt.

The YB5520 has an all-cast, solid counterweight, which lowers the crane’s profile, and post-compensated, load-sending hydraulics, which make raising the boom, lifting, swinging and other functions smoother – this is accomplished through the use of a single-piston pump, rather than the four-gear pump arrangement found on older models.

Updated features are also included on the crane. Headlights, brake lights and work lights, among other places, now use LED lights to improve visibility. A new feature, an outrigger monitoring system, lets operators know that the crane’s outriggers are fully extended via a dashboard light. The tires are larger with a more aggressive tread and higher-load capacity than previous YardBoss cranes, plus a tilt steering wheel makes for more comfortable operator control.

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