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300 Hiabs loader cranes for Chausson Matériaux

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French builders merchant Chausson Matériaux has ordered 300 Hiab loader cranes.

The majority of the order consists of Hiab’s 19 tonnes/metre X-HiPro 192s and 21 tonnes/metre X-HiPro 232s with the manufacturer’s semi-automatic folding (SAF) system, which allows operators to stow and unfold the boom using a single lever. The remainder of the order is made up of 27.3 tonnes/metre X-HiPro 262s, 27.6-tonne X-HiPro 302s and 32.1 tonnes/metre X-HiPro 352s.

All units will be mounted on Mercedes chassis and feature Hiab’s HiPro remote controls and its HiConnect telematics system, which uses data to provide real-time information on utilisation, operation and machine condition.

More than half of the cranes will be used to renew the Réseau Pro fleet, which was acquired as part of the Bois & Matériaux business along with Panofrance at the start of the year.

Chief executive Pierre-Georges Chausson, said: “The features of Hiab cranes have a significant impact on productivity and provide more services to our customers, not to forget the operators’ satisfaction.

Customers demand that we deliver materials as close as possible to their construction site, the more powerful the crane, the better we can meet their requirements. The right equipment allows us to make a real difference compared to our competitors.”

Vincent Dutériez, Hiab sales & services director for France, added: “Hiab with one of our preferred partners Sérignac in Toulouse have proudly supplied loader cranes to Chausson Matériaux for several years and we are grateful that they continue to be loyal to us and our technology.

Our Hiab X-HiPro loader cranes offer ease of use as well as high-speed performance and reliability in delivering both high cost and heavy items.”

Established in 1921, family-owned Chausson Matériaux is one of France’s largest independent building materials suppliers. It employs more than 5,800 across 480 locations and offers structural, framing and roofing, plastering and insulation materials as well as tiling and flooring.

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