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Bishop Lifting acquires Western Sling & Supply

Bishop Lifting acquires Western Sling & Supply

Lifting equipment specialist Bishop Lifting Products has completed the acquisition of Western Sling & Supply Company in the USA.

Western Sling & Supply Company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and there is a branch in Casper, Wyoming. Bishop Lifting said it is a leading provider of rigging and lifting equipment in the Rocky Mountain region of the USA.

“Strategically, the acquisition of Western Sling complements and strengthens our existing operations in the Rocky Mountain region,” stated Harold King, Bishop Lifting president. He also commented that “Western Sling & Supply, and its customers, should benefit from gaining access to the broad range of rental and custom engineered and fabricated lifting products offered by Bishop Lifting.”

Stan Truitt, Western Sling and Supply president, said, “This union between Bishop and Western solidifies our mutual strengths in the energy, construction and manufacturing markets. We are excited to be part of the plan.”

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