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Crane Falls Off Bridge In Odisha As Cable Snaps While Lifting Truck

crane accident

In a chilling incident, a towing crane crashed into the water while lifting a truck which had already fallen off the bridge. The incident took place in Odisha’s Talcher town and its video is going viral on social media. 

According to local media reports, two cranes were working on the bridge to lift a truck on Sunday (31st July 2022). However, as the vehicle was carefully being hoisted from the water, the cable of one of the cranes suddenly snapped and the entire load was placed on the other. 

This led to the industrial vehicle slowly tipping over the edge of the bridge before finally plunging into the water. A video of the horrifying incident has surfaced online.

The clip shows the shocking moment the crane, with the driver still inside, toppled over and fell off the bridge. As per reports, no one was injured during the incident. The driver of the industrial vehicle also managed to safely swim free from his crane cabin.

The short clip has left the internet stunned. “Were those two cranes capable of lifting that if they had been rigged properly? Or are they just too light even if the rigging was perfect?” one user asked. “Good to see that the crane operator was able to get out and swim to shore,” wrote another. 

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