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Crane recovers bus and vehicles from collapsed Pittsburgh bridge

20220211 fern hollow bridge collapse 2

Ten people were injured when a snow-covered Fern Hollow Bridge in Pittsburgh collapsed on Friday morning, 28th Jan, hours ahead of a previously scheduled visit to the city by President Joe Biden to discuss infrastructure.

No fatality nor life-threatening injuries have been reported in the incident.

20220211 fern hollow bridge collapse 4

Recovery took place three days later on 31st Jan when mobile cranes were deployed to lift the demised vehicles and a 60 feet long Port Authority bus from the rubble. From the photos, it can be deduced that a Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1 with superlift and luffing jib configuration has been used for the recovery.

20220211 fern hollow bridge collapse 1
Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1 mobile crane from Allegheny Crane Rental recovering the bus

The crews began the process of lifting the bus out of the ravine around 5.15 pm local time. More than 50 people had gathered at the newly opened observation deck on the Squirrel Hill, side of the bridge to watch the bus be removed.

20220211 fern hollow bridge collapse 3
The 400-tonne mobile crane is parking very near to the edge of the bridge during the lifting.

Engineers, operators with Allegheny Crane Rental and various members of Pittsburgh Public Safety were gathered at the base of the crane to oversee the operation.

20220211 fern hollow bridge collapse 5
Aerial view of the collapsed bridge

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has started a preliminary work to use a $25.3 million federal grant to replace the collapsed Fern Hollow Bridge, but unsure how long it will take to build the new structure given the current supply-chain problems due to the pandemic.

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