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Duo Potain tower cranes deliver versatile performance in China

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Construction equipment leasing company, Yigao Machinery, is using five Potain cranes to work on commercial and public infrastructure projects in Ningbo, China. The fleet consists of three MCT 278 and two MCT 328 tower cranes, all from Potain’s range of top-slewing cranes built specifically for the Chinese market. The MCT 278 cranes are working on the Guiyu Jiangnanfu real estate development project at the intersection of Xiangshan Port Road and Danyang Road in Xiangshan. The MCT 328 cranes, on the other hand, are working on a chemical plant project in Zhenhai.

“We chose Potain cranes because the brand is well known internationally for their excellent quality and workmanship,” said Wang Jiansheng, general manager at Yigao Machinery. “With so many projects in the pipeline, we can rest assured the cranes will help our sites meet their construction deadlines.”

The MCT 278 and MCT 328 cranes are Yigao Machinery’s newest purchase – coming off a recent share offering and business expansion. The cranes have been working on the projects since August and March 2020, respectively.

On the road junction project, the MCT 278 cranes work from morning to night moving construction materials to create buildings, public spaces and infrastructure. As an urban area, the cranes faced the challenge of moving heavy girders and prefabricated components in a built-up environment with limited space.

At the chemical plant project, the MCT 328 cranes have been moving building materials and installing chemical plant equipment and materials across the site. These include heavy and expensive parts such as mixer units, heat exchangers, pumps and pipes, often built and installed close to one another.

At both sites, Yigao Machinery benefitted from the MCT cranes’ ability to be installed to their specific reduced space requirements. Both crane models have wide-ranging jib lengths with compact body designs that allow them to be customized exactly to the needs of the jobsite. The MCT 278, in particular, is able to be configured in jib lengths from 30 m to 70 m at increments of 5 m.

“At Yigao Machinery, safety and efficiency are important priorities and we are glad that the versatile MCT cranes support our strategic goals,” said Cao Hui, vice president of production at Yigao Machinery. “The flexibility and simplicity of the MCT 278 and MCT 328 models have meant that we were even able to meet our productivity goals while staying accident-free on tight job sites.”

The MCT 278 has a maximum capacity of 12 t, a maximum radius of 70 m and a maximum tip load of 2.2 t. The MCT 328, on the other hand, has a maximum capacity of 16 t, a maximum radius of 75 m and a maximum tip load of 2.3 t.

Yigao Machinery is a machinery leasing company involved in the installation, leasing, repair and maintenance of construction equipment. The company services a wide variety of industries in the Ningbo region and beyond. With its service-first business strategy, the company is looking to position itself as one of the largest players in the industry.

“Overall, we are very happy with the support from our dealers as they have been very ready to help us whenever we face any difficulty,” said Cao. “Our experience with our Potain cranes has been very smooth so far but it is good to know that we have an experienced team to rely on should we face any problems.”

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