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First Potain MCT 275 In Philipines Goes To Work

20210318 first mct275 in philippines

The first Potain MCT 275 K10 topless cranes have arrived in the Philippines following the new model’s launch at Manitowoc’s factory in Zhangjiagang, China, last July. Both cranes have been delivered to first-time Potain owner, PLD Construction & Development, based in Mandaue City, Cebu province, in the Central Visayas region. Each top-slewing model has been tailored to meet the specific requirements of its particular jobsite. One unit is working on the building of residential condominiums at the Mivela Garden Residences, Cebu City, while the other is helping construction work on the Casa Mira Towers, Mandaue City.

Both projects are being developed by Cebu Landmaster. The Mivela project is in the Banilad area of Cebu City and comprises four residential towers covering 1.26 hectares, which will eventually stand between 16 and 18 stories tall. The four mid-rise condominium developments of Casa Mira are in the Ibabao district of Mandaue City and will reach between 12 and 23 stories tall.

Each of the 10 t capacity cranes has been mounted on Potain’s 2 x 2 m L68 mast system in an external climbing configuration. On the Mivela jobsite, the crane is configured with 70 m of jib at an under-hook height of 67 m. Meanwhile on the Casa Mira project, the MCT 275 is working with a 60 m jib and at an under-hook height of 85.5 m. Both machines employ the standard 45 kW-rated 60 LVF 25 hoist, which provides 500 m of rope capacity and the ability to lift 2.5 t loads at up to 88 m/min.

“The MCT 275 is an ideal choice for these projects, and looks set to meet all of our lifting needs,” said Arthur Kenneth Dy, COO at PLD. “We particularly appreciate the benefits of the topless design and high tip load. The speedy setup is another bonus.”

Installation of both cranes kicked off in February 2021, and both machines are now hard at work, lifting a variety of construction materials. The cranes are expected to remain onsite for approximately three years.

Also available in a 12 t (K12) version, the Potain MCT 275 – which was developed as a replacement for the long-serving MC 235 hammerhead top-slewing crane – offers jib length configurations from 30 m to 70 m, in increments of 5 m. For the MCT 275 K10 being used by PLD there is a choice of two hoist options. In addition to the 60 LVF 25, a 55 kW-rated 75 HPL 25 is also available, providing 834 m of rope capacity and lifting speeds of up to 215 m/min for loads of 0.35 t.

With the ongoing infrastructure development in the Philippines, this new Potain crane is an ideal tool not just for this market, but for the wider South East Asia region overall. Its short counter-jib (at just 17 m, regardless of jib length) and topless design provides greater slewing clearance and enables multiple units to overlap more easily on site, increasing speed as well as ease of use.

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