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Mission Group holds a moment of silence on the anniversary of Kelowna crane collapse

mission group holds kelowna anniversary

Mission Group has decided to halt work on all their construction sites on 12th July to remember the five men who lost their lives after a crane collapsed at a site in downtown Kelowna one year ago.

From 10:45 to 11:15 a.m. work will stop and five air horn blasts will play followed by a moment of silence.

Mission Group is asking other construction companies to consider the same recognition due to the large community impact the tragic event had.

In a release on June 27, the company wrote, “Earlier this year, Mission Group placed a memorial plaque on the site where the crane once stood, dedicated to the victims of the July 12, 2021, crane accident. In addition, Mission Group is working with the families of the victims and other community partners to create a lasting memorial to remember the five men who died in the tragic accident. A public installation will be planned at a later date.”

The event will be private recognition for crews to remember their colleagues. Family members have been invited to join at the memorial plaque.

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