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More New Age Ferrari cranes

20220329 new age ferrari cranes

Italian loader crane manufacturer F.lli Ferrari has added a new 40 tonne/metre family of cranes to its New Age crane line.

The New Age cranes run from nine to 66 tonnes/metres are designed and engineered as premium models with maximum performance, ease of use and simple maintenance. They all carry a three-year general warranty and five-year structural guarantee.

The new 40 tonne/metre family includes five models: three with rack & pinion limited slew and two with a 360-degree continuous slew.
They are the:
7401 C Basic 40 tonne/metre with 430 degrees slew and dual linkage boom
7401 SC Short boom version of the 7401 C
7441 C Proportional 44 tonne/metre 430 degrees slew and dual linkage boom with Proportional Power Boost controls (PPB).
9405 C Basic 40 tonne/metre with 360-degree slew ring and dual linkage boom
9445 C Proportional 44 tonne/metre with 360-degree slew, dual linkage boom and Proportional Power Boost controls (PPB).
The cranes can be equipped with two to eight section booms, providing a reach of 7.97 to 20.85 metres, with the possibility to add a 10 tonne/metre six-section telescopic jib on all but the SC short boom model.

20220329 new age ferrari cranes 1

Other features include:
• Magic Touch (MT) allows the driver to open or stow the crane at the touch of a single button
• Dynamic Load Diagram (DLD) optimises capacities depending on outrigger set-up and truck weight/stability allowing the operator to check the capacity for the configuration in advance
• DLD Simulator shows the operator the possible working area for different scenarios of load and stabiliser extension before use
The Cranes 4.0 telematics package is available as an option.

The New Age range includes a high standard specification including:
• Articulated stabiliser pads for improved stability and longer cylinder life
• Hoses and pipes run inside the outrigger beams
• Extension Quick System (EQS) increases the telescope speeds
• Smooth Descent Valve (SDV) to reduce flex and excessive dynamic loading
• Red Power to improve versatility
• Soft closing retraction to improve smooth functions
• Central lubrication system
• High-pressure filter
• Stability Control System
• Manual controls and a wide choice of radio remote controls

Sales director Giuseppe Romano said: “We are proud to add this new range of 40t/m cranes to our New Age Line. Expanding our product range is key to accelerating our growth. It’s also a way of maximising the potential of our existing audience and capturing the attention of new customers. Providing customers with the utmost innovative features of the cranes ensures the best chance of satisfying the demands of the market. These cranes are suited to many applications from construction to logistics, oil & gas to mining and maintenance to rental.”

The New Age Line is manufactured on a new dedicated assembly line in Poviglio, Italy, employing the latest manufacturing technology and quality principles.

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