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New 100t Liebherr LR 1100.1 crawler

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Liebherr has released its new 100 tonnes LR 1100.1 lattice crawler crane.

The new crane can be configured either with a new heavyweight main boom of up to 62 metres, or a 44-metre boom topped by a fixed jib of 11 to 20 metres with up to 15 degrees of offset. Capacities on the jib range from 20 tonnes on the 11-metre jib to 8.2 tonnes on the 20-metre jib and 44-metre boom. It is rated at 3.3 metres and can handle 19.1 tonnes on the 62-metre main boom.

The crane is equipped with a total of 29.3 tonnes of superstructure counterweight plus 15.3 tonnes of car body counterweight on the chassis. The all-up weight with base boom is 94.4 tonnes.

The LR 1100.1 is fitted with a 230kW diesel with Eco-Silent Mode which automatically reduces engine speeds when possible, reducing fuel consumption and noise levels without affecting performance. The Automatic Engine Stop Control cuts the engine completely during longer work interruptions.

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The new crane is equipped with Gradient Travel Aid which automatically calculates the crane’s centre of gravity and warns the operator before the crane moves into an unsafe position while travelling. The operator receives live information on the permissible and actual gradient and the crane’s overall centre of gravity, allowing the boom angle to be altered so that the machine remains stable on a given slope.

Transport width is 2.98 metres with tracks removed or 3.5 metres with tracks on. Once on-site, the tracks extend to five metres. The crane has also been optimised for easy self-assembly using the radio remote controller, which can also be used to operate all of the crane functions. The cab can be elevated by 2.8 metres for an improved view of the lift.

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