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New AC 220-5 for Allen Mobile Cranes Ltd

210727 ac 220 5 allen mobile cranes ltd

When one takes a look at Allen Mobile Cranes’ fleet, one thing stands out immediately: The Irish crane service provider has Tadano and Demag mobile cranes exclusively.

The company’s most recent acquisition continues this tradition: A brand new AC 220-5 all-terrain crane, which owner Robbie Allen says was the right choice:

“We specialize primarily in tower crane rentals and sales. With its main boom length of 78 meters, the AC 220-5 is just a superlative choice for erecting our tower cranes, making it the perfect crane for us,” he points out as one reason. He then goes on to add other important advantages behind the AC 220-5:

The intelligent IC-1 Plus control system ensures that his crane operators can always take advantage of the full lifting capacity available even when working with asymmetrically deployed outriggers at tight worksites, and the innovative IC-1 Remote cloud solution for location-independent crane and fleet management makes the AC 220-5 highly cost-effective: “We’re getting a return on investment of 100%.

It’s something that we owe not only to our outstanding service offerings but also to our powerful and reliable Tadano and Demag cranes,” Robbie Allen highlights.

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