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Tadano ATF-120-5.1 for the all-round service provider

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When it comes to interregional operations, it makes all the difference to have cranes that are ready to go in no time. This is where the ATF-120-5.1 really stands out from the crowd since it’s the only 5-axle crane in its class that can be driven with an axle load under 10 tonnes.

Add to that its exceptional lifting quality, and it’s easy to see how this crane was a clear winner for GE Gräser-Eschbach GmbH. 

With sites in Mannheim and Bad Schönborn, GE Gräser-Eschbach GmbH is one of Germany’s oldest family businesses in the field of lifting technology and crane work. The company has been offering a full-spectrum service in the field of heavy goods transport and crane work for more than 80 years now, calling on an extensive fleet of machines and an experienced team of 80 employees.

With its reputation for high standards and innovative strength, it is only natural that a large part of its fleet should come from the Tadano plant in Lauf an der Pegnitz. The most recent addition to the fleet, in fact, was an ATF-120-5.1. 

Strong boom, flexible axle loads

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Dominik Schüle, Deputy Managing Director at GE, explains why the decision was made in favour of the 5-axle model: “The 60-metre main boom is the strongest in its class for radiuses between 16 and 56 metres, and the longest boom extension also gives us a sheave height of 91 metres.”

The 120-tonner also features asymmetrical outrigger base control to provide maximum available reach even in confined spaces. As for the AML crane control system, this ensures that the maximum possible lifting capacity potential is available at every angle of rotation. 

The 5-axle crane can carry a lot, too – especially on the road: with an axle load of 12 tonnes, it can carry a 17.9-metre boom extension with integrated heavy-duty jib and a 9.2-tonne counterweight plus slings. What’s more, the crane is the only 5-axle in its class with an axle load below 10 tonnes or a total weight below 48 tonnes on the road.

This means that even weak bridges are no obstacle, which is hugely beneficial – especially for interregional assignments, which Gräser-Eschbach GmbH frequently handles. “As a company located close to national lines, we are often called out across the border.

In fact, we even handle operations that extend far beyond Central Europe, so the easier it is to manage the driving permits for our cranes, the better. That was another argument in favour of the ATF-120-5.1,” explains Dominik Schüle. 

Available in every respect

GE Gräser-Eschbach GmbH is also impressed by the high availability of the machines, which comes as standard with Tadano: “This is now the eighth Tadano crane we’ve added to our fleet. We have been using cranes from Lauf for over 25 years, and experience has shown us that these vehicles are as robust and reliable as it gets,” enthuses Schüle. 

In the unlikely event that maintenance is ever required, the Tadano service team is available virtually around the clock to pull out all the stops and get the crane back on the road as quickly as possible.

The new 120-tonner is still a long way away from that, of course, although it is sure to be put through its paces – not least because its first major construction project was already scheduled before the crane was even-handed over.

Incidentally, this project involved the crane being used to build a logistics centre for a well-known online wholesaler. 

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