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Bruns Kranvermietung invest in their first Liebherr mobile crane

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  • LTM 1070-4.2 delivers increased mobility and flexibility with a 10-tonne axle load – The variable VarioBase® supporting base was a major factor behind the decision – Time-tested Liebherr 70 tonne crane features the very latest mobile crane technology 

Bruns Kranvermietung GmbH based in Lüneburg has taken delivery of its first Liebherr mobile crane, an LTM 1070-4.2. The mobility, flexibility and technical innovations on the Liebherr 70  tonne crane persuaded the company to buy it. Simpler driving permits with a 10-tonne axle load and the VarioBase® variable supporting base were major criteria behind the northern German company ordering its first mobile crane from Liebherr. 

A. Keck from Bruns Kranvermietung said: “The fact that the LTM 1070-4.2 can be driven with an axle load of just 10 tonnes delivers enormous benefits because we  now face significant licensing conditions in the rural area around our company base for the usual 12-tonne axle load on mobile cranes.” 

In mobile crane development, Liebherr focuses on meeting different axle load requirements in order to be able to be economically mobile worldwide. In fact, even in countries and areas where mobile cranes with a 12-tonne axle load are permitted on the roads, crane operators have for some time been demanding cranes that can be driven with 10 tonnes per axle by simply removing the ballast. This version delivers major benefits for obtaining licences and route permits. 

The LTM 1070-4.2 can carry 10.7 tonnes of ballast and its double folding jib with an axle load of 12  tonnes, whilst it can still carry 3.8 tonnes of counterweights with a 10-tonne axle load. That enables it to carry out a whole host of crane jobs because with the boom fully raised its lifting capacity is hardly affected, even with reduced ballast. 

State of the art crane technology 

Liebherr originally launched the 70-tonne crane with its 50-metre telescopic boom with the model name  LTM 1070-4.1.

New technical features such as speed-dependent rear-axle steering, disc brakes and the new LICCON2 controller were added in 2008 and the model name was changed to LTM 1070-4.2.  Afterwards, Liebherr continuously updated the model to keep it up with the state of the art in mobile crane technology. For example, technical innovations such as VarioBase®, ECOmode, new crane cabs, new one-piece steel wheel rims and the latest generation of disc brakes have been added to it. More than  2000 cranes of this model have now been delivered by Liebherr to customers all over the world.

“Liebherr’s VarioBase® has an excellent reputation in the industry and is a pioneer among systems that enable cranes to operate safely with a reduced supporting base. That was a strong argument in favour of us buying from Liebherr. It enables us to react flexibly to a wide range of situations on sites. What is more, VarioBase® actually makes the crane more powerful if it can operate immediately above the outriggers”, said Keck. 

The operators, who received general and induction training on the new crane at the actual Liebherr plant in Ehingen, are full of praise for their new tool. Keck summed up their impressions: “Liebherr does a  great deal for the crane operators. Everything is very comfortable, including the premium, air-conditioned seats. The driver’s cab is very spacious and the crane cab delivers superb all-round visibility – a whole new level for operators. Setting up the crane using the BTT control console and its simple extension to  complete remote control is unique.” 

About the Bruns Group 

Bruns was founded in 1924 as a construction contractor but now focuses on the heavy haulage sector and mobile crane rental.  The purchase of its first mobile crane in 1967 saw the birth of what is now Bruns Kranvermietung, a reliable partner for hoisting,  relocation and transport services in the Lüneburg and Süderelbe region. The purchase of Alex Grund GmbH Kranarbeiten und  Transporte in 2002 means that the company now also has a foothold in Hamburg.

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