Liebherr LTM1070-4.1

The four-axle LTM1070-4.1 all terrain crane has a 50 metres main boom, giving it a lifting height almost 20% increase than that of its predecessor, LTM1060/2.

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Product Description

Load capacity has also been increased by an average of 10% compared to its predecessor and at a certain point of the load chart, almost 30% increase. When equipped with a 16-metre double folding fly jib, the maximum lifting height of LTM1070-4.1 is up to 65 metres.

At 12 tonnes per axle configuration, the crane can carry 10.7 tonnes of counterweight, the 16 metres double folding jib and a range of accessories. The 70 tonnes all terrain crane need to add another 3.8 tonnes of ballast to take the total counterweight to 14.5 tonnes and maximise the working load.


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