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Tadano launched CREVO 250 G5 for the domestic Japanese market

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Tadano has launched a new 25-tonne Rough Terrain crane in September 2021 – the GR-250N or Crevo 250 G5 – which is mainly targeted at the domestic Japanese market.

The Crevo name has been used by Tadano since the company launched its first such models in 1995 when it was developed from the words Crane and Evolution. This latest model is the fifth generation CREVO series.

Crane features

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The new crane features a 30.5 metre four section main boom, with an 8.2 to 13 metre fully automatic telescopic jib, with optional power luffing function. The maximum tip height is 45 metres, a maximum radius of 34 metres with the jib installed, or 28 metres in the main boom. The crane is rated at 3.5 metres and can take four tonnes to its maximum lifting height.

Key changes in this new model include reduced CO₂ emissions and improved fuel consumption thanks to a new Hino diesel engine and additional fuel-saving features, while visibility when travelling on public roads has been significantly improved. The overall width of the new crane is 2.62 metres with an overall length of 11.53 metres and an overall height of 3.5 metres.

New functions on this model include ‘Automatic Acceleration’ which matches the engine speed according to the amount the crane control is moved so that the RPMs rise gradually to meet the demand required, reducing both fuel consumption and noise. It also features an ‘Automatic Pump Stop’, which disconnects the PTO driven hydraulic pump when the crane is not being operated.

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The large in-cab screen with camera display on the road

The crane also features the latest telematics and connectivity in the form of Tadano’s ‘Lifting Solution’, which supports the provision of digital data and services that include API and BIM modelling as well as regular telematics information.

Visibility improvements are further enhanced by the ‘Tadano View System‘ with a new front left view camera and a camera on the superstructure, both of which are standard equipment. Up to three patterns for the camera selections are displayed on the large 12.1-inch in-cab touch LCD screen with views for road and site travel or crane operation.

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The screen also displays all crane operating functions

The screen panel is an electrostatic capacitance type, that feels and functions similarly to a smartphone screen. It also uses materials that prevent scatter reflection and condensation, while being resistant to impact. In addition to the camera displays, it controls all of the crane operating systems. A new ‘Human Alert System’ detects and warns the driver when people are present in the vicinity.

new radio remote controller

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A new radio remote controller incorporates a 2.7-inch full-colour screen designed to provide high visibility even outdoors on a sunny day. The handheld controller can be used to set up the outriggers and install or stow the jibs or extensions, but it does not operate the crane.

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