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XGC88000 Completes Mega Quench Tower Lift In Guangdong Petrochemical

xgc88000 guangdong quench tower lift

On the morning of 16th May, the construction site of the ethylene plant of the Guangdong Petrochemical Integrated Refining and Chemical Project reach a milestone in the project: Successful lifting of the quench tower with a height of 60.8m, maximum diameter of 12m and a total lifting weight of approximately 1,500 tonnes.

The completion of the hoisting of the first oversized tower marked another solid step forward for the ethylene plant to be handed over to the project.

At 9.40 am, with the orders from the lifting commander, the quench tower was slowly hoisted under the cooperation of the 4000-tonne crawler crane XGC88000 No. 3 main crane and a 1250-tonne Demag CC6800 crawler crane as the tailing crane. With precise coordination, the quench tower was steadily lifted into vertical position and swing toward the top of the foundation to be installed smoothly.

The quench tower is a core equipment of the ethylene plant. It is responsible for the rapid cooling of the ethylene cracked gas. It is manufactured and installed by China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd No. 6 Company (CPP No. 6 and hoisting solution is provided by China Petroleum First Construction Corporation (CNPC No. 1).

In response to this hoisting operation, the first chemical production department made a scientific overall planning in advance, and promptly organised Huanqiu Company, CNPC No. 1 Construction, CNPC No. 6 Construction, and Mengxi Supervisors to review the hoisting plan and conduct technical clarifications.

During the hoisting process, the company leaders went to the site to give guidance, and the heads of the Engineering Management Department, HSE Center, and Chemical Production Department 1 took the lead to ensure the high-quality completion of the hoisting task.

After the quench tower is hoisted, the ethylene plant plans to complete the quench oil tower hoisting works on 18th May 2021. After the oversized towers are hoisted, it will greatly ease the site constraints of the on-site construction and they can commerce on the construction of the ethylene plant. The progress lay a solid foundation for the mid-term delivery of the plant in 2022.

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