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Zoomlion New ZCC13000 Sold To Domestic Customer

20210607 zoomlion zcc13000 assembly

During the Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) that was held on 19th May 2021, Zoomlion has sold their ultra-large ZCC13000 crawler to a domestic customer – Shandong Fenglian.

With a theme of “Intelligent Manufacturing for a New Future”, Zoomlion has brought more than 60 products from 10 different major product lines including concrete equipment, earthmoving equipment, tower cranes and piling machinery. This is to fully demonstrate their latest 4.0 high-end intelligent products with their manufacturing capabilities and cutting-edge achievements in technology innovation.

Moving ZCC13000 Into Exhibition

20210607 zoomlion zcc13000 assembly

On morning of 3rd May at 10 am, the dissembled crawler was delivered to the exhibition center using more than 40 over trucks at the same time. They were the first exhibitor in the 2nd CICEE premises. With a height of 178 metres and a rated lifting capacity of 220 tonnes, this 4.0 product crawler crane has becomes the highlight of the exhibition.

Feature of ZCC13000 crawler

20210607 zoomlion zcc13000 cicee

The ZCC13000 has been designed for a better and higher wind turbine installation performance.

The wind turbine configuration is already able to reach a height of 108 m + 7 m, with a rated lifting lifting weight is 220 tonnes at 17 metres. This easliy cover wind turbine installation works up to 100 m in height.

The new dual-boom with superlift and 171m + 7m is able to lift 170 tonnes at 24m radius, fulfilling the requirements of hoisting wind turbine up to 5MW with a lifting height of up to 160m.

The pinning system allows the crane to quickly disconnect at the slewing table for easier lower carriage transportation. It will weighs 93.5 tonnes, meeting the 3.2m width requirement in domestic market.

The crane has a complete boom configuration to meet different working criteria, and a wide range of applications can be used for heavy lift hoisting operations including petrochemicals and wind power.

At the same time, Zoomlion has also displayed some other cranes during the exhibition.

About Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE)

The exhibition was held in Changsha from 19th to 22nd May 2021. it is one of the world’s largest international construction machinery exhibition this year. The total exhibition area reached 300,000 square metres with about 1,450 exhibitors. Among the world’s top 50 manufacturers including Caterpillar, Sany Group, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Liebherr, Terex and many others.

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