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Link-Belt rolls out new telecrawler TCC-550

20210609 linkbelt tcc550 debut cranefest

Predecessors to the Link-Belt TCC-550 – the TCC-500 and the TCC-450, were two of the first telescopic crawler models to be introduced by Link-Belt in 2006. 

A new 55 US ton (45 tonnes) telescopic crawler, the TCC-550, is new from Link-Belt Cranes. Shipments of the new crane, which will make its debut at the company’s CraneFest event later this fall, are set to begin in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The TCC-550 features two boom extend modes (EM1 and EM2). It was designed with a full-power 36.5 to 115 foot (11 to 35 m) four-section boom that will move from a box-style embossed boom to Link-Belt’s formed boom system. The entire boom is greaseless and includes Link-Belt’s Teflon-impregnated wear pads. Fly options include a 28.5 to 51 foot (8.7 to 15.6 m) two-piece bi-fold lattice fly, stowable, offsetable to 2, 20 and 40 degrees; maximum tip height is 165.5 feet (50.44 m).

Textured and slip-resistant paint on all walking surfaces is new and improves footing, the company said. The Vision Package includes winch-view camera, rear-view camera and right-side swing camera, giving the operator great jobsite visibility during setup and lifting. Anchor points are located on the work platform of the TCC-550 for personal fall arrest equipment. Standard lighting package now includes a high intensity LED 360 degree work light mounted on the house and one high intensity 360 degree LED light attached at the top of the base section. Both lights can be controlled remotely inside of the operator’s cabin.

The TCC-550 can work at three different track widths: 15 feet 2.37 inches (4.63m) fully extended, 13 feet 6.11 inches (4.12 m) intermediate, and 11 feet 5.24 inches (3.49m) retracted. It has two travel speeds and can travel up to 2 miles per hour (3.2 kph). With a standard counterweight package of 25,000 pounds (11 339.8 kg), the TCC-550 transports in one load while staying under 100,000 pounds (45 359.2 kg). On the trailer, the TCC-550 travels at a height of 9 feet 10.55 inches (3.01 m) and a width of 11 feet 5.24 inches (3.49 m).

Link-Belt said the TCC-550 follows a long line of product improvements and introductions in Link-Belt Cranes’ telescopic crawler category. The predecessors to the TCC-550, the TCC-500 and the TCC-450, were some of the very first telescopic crawler models to be introduced in this product category for crane buyers worldwide in 2006.

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