Maeda MC285CB-3

Maeda has launched its first all-electric powered spider crane with a lithium battery version of the 2.82-tonne capacity MC285C-3, MC285CB-3.

As with the regular 285, the new MC285CB-3 crane is rated at a 1.4 metres radius and features a five-section 8.6 pentagonal shaped boom with full power sequential telescope. It can manage 150kg at its maximum radius of 8.2 metres, or lift 550kg on a full boom to a height of nine metres, or a radius of four metres with a height of eight metres.

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Product Description

The lithium-ion battery pack provides up to nine hours of continuous operation and be fully charged in just 3.5 hours. White rubber tracks come as standard with black tracks available as an option. The total weight is 2,000kg – roughly the same as the diesel model.

The crane has the same features as the regular model with HBC radio remote controls, a seven-inch monitor display, programmable load moment limiter, data logger and multi outrigger positions. Overall stowed width is 750mm with an overall height of 1.47 metres.


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