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Enercon LCC140

The Lagerway LCC140 is the world’s first self-climbing crane for the construction of wind turbines. In 2017, The Dutch manufacturer tested the climbing and hoisting capabilities of LCC140 on the highest onshore turbine in the Netherlands, its L136 model, which has a hub height of 166 metres.

lagerwey lcc140


*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

The LCC140 is a joint effort between Lagerwey and Enercon when they formed their strategic partnership in 2018. They developed a new holding concept in which the LCC140 climbing crane encloses the Modular Steel Tower (MST) and can climb up to a hub height of 180 metres.

This new holding allows the crane to lift weights of up to 140 tonnes and with a special lifting device for single blade assembly, the climbing crane can handle larger rotor diameters of the new wind turbine types.

Easy transportation

Due to the limited size and relatively low weight of the Climbing Crane delivery to site will happen with 11 trailers. In most cases, roads do not need to be adapted at the construction site for transporting the Climbing Crane. The regular requirements for the transport of wind turbine components will suffice.

Small permanent crane stand

Another advantage is that the Climbing Crane requires a relatively limited permanent crane installation site. Depending on the local situation, a permanent crane installation site of approximately 500m2 will be sufficient.

This saves many precious square meters on the construction site. In addition, the permanent crane stand does not need to be serviced. The Climbing Crane therefore makes locations accessible where large regular cranes cannot operate or where the costs of using regular cranes are high.

Fast build-up time

The construction and dismantling of the Climbing Crane is simple and takes relatively little time. The crane is operational within a day and the hoisting activities can start. Due to the short construction and dismantling time and because of the transport on ordinary trucks, the crane can be transported quickly and easily on the construction site.

Safer lifting

The connection of the Climbing Crane with the tower reduces the risk of crane instability during lifting operations. This makes working with the Climbing Crane safer.
The “Blade-beam” specially developed for the LCC140 makes it possible to lift blades without having to use steering lines. This makes lifting the blades much more manageable and also possible in small locations where the use of steering lines is not possible.


Of course we can also build our wind turbines with regular cranes. Every wind project and each wind location is unique and has its own challenges. However, the rule of thumb is; the higher the turbine, the more advantage the Climbing Crane will give you on both crane costs and the costs for the permanent crane installation site.

Check out the following animation video on how the LCC140 can work on wind turbines



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  1. 4 out of 5


    can you provide with more information about LCC140 please? can I use it with other wind turbine like envision, LG etc…
    How much and how long to ship to Vietnam?
    thanks much

  2. 3 out of 5


    Hi Johny, we only provide the basic info for the Enercon LCC140, but we are not in the technical position to comment on this. Perhaps you can contact them to understand more about it ?

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