Böcker RK 36/2400

The Böcker RK 36/2400 was launched into the market in 2016, and it was designed based on its new AHK 36/2400 trailer-mounted crane which has a maximum boom length of 36 meters and a 2.4-tonne maximum lifting capacity. It can be equipped to be used as an access platform which has a working height of 29 meters.

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Product Description

The compact crawler chassis of the RK 36/2400 ensures extremely secure traction and ground contact. Furthermore, the soil pressure is evenly distributed on any surface. Even on gravel, sand or water smooth lawn the RK 36/2400 is able to work with payloads of up to 2,400 kg without any problem.

Due to a powerful diesel engine, the tracked crane has enough capacity in reserve in any situation. To guarantee a noiseless and emission-free operation e.g. in closed rooms this crawling crane can additionally be equipped with an electric motor. The electric motor possesses the same performance data as the diesel engine. Besides operation as a crane, this machine can also be used as a lifting platform. Thanks to the Easy-Lock-System, a conversion from crane to platform operation is possible within the shortest time.

Sustainable drive technology

The RK 36/2400 is optionally available as a hybrid crane with an additional electric motor. Particularly in densely populated areas, the low-emission and quiet operation provide excellent advantages. The 400 V drive works as powerfully as usual with an output of 15 kW. In addition, the tracked crane uses exclusively biodegradable, long-life hydraulic oil of the lowest water pollution class.

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