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Unveiling Excellence: A Comprehensive Comparison Between XCMG’s QY100K6C and QY100K5C Hydraulic Truck Cranes

xcmg qy100k5c hydraulic truck crane 3

The focus on the QY100K6C’s capabilities somewhat overshadowed the QY100K5C, which features a main boom length of 50.5 meters. Although some users have been predominantly about the performance of the K6C, with less attention given to the K5C. However, it seems many have underestimated the K5C. While the QY100K5C may not surpass the QY100K6C in terms of boom length alone, its unique features are certainly noteworthy.

We have conducted extensive market research and identified a significant demand among clients for 100-ton-class cranes for construction within factory premises. Due to spatial constraints, an exceptionally long boom is often unnecessary inside these facilities. The QY100K5C, with its 50.5-meter boom, proves to be more than sufficient for such applications, with a full boom extension capable of lifting 17.7 tons at a 10-meter radius.

xcmg qy100k5c hydraulic truck crane 1

While it’s true that the K6C with its 60.5-meter boom could potentially work by minimizing boom extension in low-ceilinged factory spaces, the K5C boasts a unique advantage — rapid boom extension. The QY100K5C features a dual-cylinder rope arrangement, ensuring fast and efficient boom extension. This design provides a noticeable advantage in terms of boom extension efficiency within the main boom working range, especially compared to cranes with six or seven boom sections. This advantage becomes particularly pronounced in bridge construction projects where frequent repositioning is necessary, significantly enhancing overall work efficiency.

xcmg qy100k5c hydraulic truck crane 8

With a full counterweight of 32 tons, along with the ability to self-carry an additional 24.6 tons of counterweight during heavy-duty transitions, the QY100K5C can seamlessly cover 92% of the machine’s operational scenarios, offering both cost savings and peace of mind.

Powered by a robust 400-horsepower engine paired with a 10-speed high-torque transmission, the crane ensures smooth gear shifts and boasts a remarkable climbing capability, exceeding 47%. This robust power, combined with excellent maneuverability, allows the QY100K5C to excel across various terrains.

Ensuring both power and safety, XCMG’s R&D engineers have equipped the QY100K5C with dual-caliper disc brakes. This addition enhances braking performance and provides unparalleled resistance to heat fade, delivering a first-class driving experience.

xcmg qy100k5c hydraulic truck crane 2

So if you were to choose between these two models, which one will you purchase for your project?

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