Yantai Raffles Taisun (Taishan) World Record Crane (20,000 ton Lifting Capacity !)

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Yantai Raffles Taisun lifting a rig
Yantai Raffles (currently CIMC Raffles) has recognized the detrimental effect of traditional traditional fabrication of offshore vessels such as drilling semi submersibles or FPSOs from ground up in modules that could easily weigh up to a range of 1000 to 2000 ton, they have built their very own crane, Taisun (Taishan), with a capability to install very large integrated modules (up to 20,000 ton) on top of a vessel’s hull.

With this gigantic crane, it allow fabrication to be taken place on ground, eliminating safety risk associated with working at height. Taisun also can be used to facilitates simultaneous construction of the lower and upper parts of vessel, allowing shorter overall project schedule and quicker delivery.

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Technical Specifications

  • Safe Working Load: 20,133 metric ton
  • Height: 133 meters
  • Span: 120 meters
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 80 meters
  • Dry Dock Length: 380 meters
  • Wire Rope Length: 50,000 meters
  • Hoisting system designed by Huisman
  • Detail design by DHI DCW Group Co. Ltd

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Taisun holds the Guinness World Record for “heaviest weight lifted by crane”, set in Yantai on April 18, 2008 and set at 20,133 metric ton by lifting a barge that is ballasted with water.

It completed its first commercial lift of a deck box lifting and installation of COSL Pioneer, also the first drilling semi-submersible built in China in 2008.

It has achieved its name for world’s heaviest topsides crane lift during the deck box lifting and installation of Saipem Scarabeo 9 in 2009

Achievement of numerous awards including Spotlight on New Technology Award and Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award from American Society of Mechanical Engineers, both during Offshore Technology Conference 2008.

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Download Crane Load Chart Below

Video of Yantai Raffes Taisun


  1. Photo of Taisun in the night. CIMC Raffles.

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