Spierings SK2400-R Mobile Tower Crane (18.8 tonne)

Image credit: Cranemarket24

This mobile construction crane on crawler chassis has a lifting capacity of 263 tm with a maximum load of 18.8-tonne up to 14.6m and a tip load of 5.5-tonne with a maximum radius of 42m.

The lifting height is 37.3m and can be increased up to a maximum of 56m with a 30 grade peaked jib and 42m jib. In addition, the crane’s jib can be extended on a maximum of 50 meters.


Gräser-Eschbach GmbH extended their fleet with the first Spierings SK2400-R in Germany in August 2017

During its Summer Barbeque in Ludwigshafen at the Rhine Promenade on 4th August 2017, Gräser-Eschbach GmbH has introduced the new crane to its customers. The crane has been presented in transport condition on the HD truck trailer. 

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