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SK387-AT3 (7t)

The crane was already displayed as concept during Bauma 2010 but official launch was at Spierings' Oss yard in 2012. Source: Equipment Handbooks

Spierings introduce the new three axle, single cab mobile self-erecting tower crane, SK387-AT3 City Boy. The new model is lighter and more compact than any previous mobile self erector with a chassis length of 9.7m and an overall width of 2.5m.

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In spite of its diminutive dimensions, it can lift 2,000 kg to 36 metres radius at 30 metres of height. Alternatively, it can lift the same load to a height of 53 metres at a radius of almost 26 metres. Maximum capacity is 7,000 kg at up to 9.5 metres.

The new crane is not only revolutionary in its basic design, but also features Eco Drive, a built-in battery pack allowing it to both drive and operate with zero emissions, ideal in areas where noise or emissions are an issue. The new model will be unveiled at Bauma 2010 in Munich.


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