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37-year-old Jones crawler proved to be durable

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KHL’s editor Christian shot this 1973 Jones crawler crane which is still in use at the Medway Wharf Marina on the river Medway in Kent, UK.

The marina is a family-run business established by Ivan Dozin and his wife Jacqui more than four decades ago and since 1999, it has been run by their daughter Sally, whom is also the crane operator !

The Jones crawler weighs 46 tonnes (with extra counterweight) and, originally, had a safe working load of 20 tonnes, but due to the age of the crane and many parts refurbished, Sally does nott use it to lift more than eight tonnes these days.

It has a 60 ft jib and the spreader beam is also around 40 years old but has recently been refurbished by Crowland Cranes in Peterborough.

Cranepedia comment

It has been really good to see such an old crane working. Matter of fact, I have always believed that older cranes does have a better quality and less trouble since that there wasn’t much issue electronically.

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