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ALE new 8,000 tonne crane – AL.SK700 heavylift crane

UK-based heavy lift company ALE has announced plans for the making of an 8,000-tonne capacity crane, the AL.SK700 in 2016.

ALE has once again trying to challenge the heavyweight champion in the heavy lifting crane by announcing their plans for the new crane design of AL.SK700 – a gigantic heavy lift crane that is capable of lifting loads of up to 8,000 ton and delivering load moment of 708,000-ton/meters.

The AL.SK700 solution is based on two units of AL.SK cranes which are primarily designed for super-heavy module lifting work in the offshore and shipbuilding industry. ALE claims the load capacity of 8,000 ton “has never been previously achievable.”

At the present moment, no technical specifications or any specified data has been released on this crane. We will update once there is more information.

The prototype design of the ALE AL.SK700
3D Prototype Rendering of the new crane design of AL.SK700. Photo: Break Bulk.

The unit will combine two AL.SK cranes into a single, twin-boomed mega lift crane with a load moment of 708,000 tonne/meters. It will use two 4,000-tonne winch systems and two hook blocks, operated from just one control point by a single operator. The new crane is aimed at lifting super-heavy modules in the offshore and shipbuilding industry.

The crane will be like its similar AL.SK series crane, make to be fully containerized for easier and cost effective shipping.

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