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Bigge 1250 AFRD (6,803 ton / 7,500 US ton) – World’s Largest Land Crane Born

Bigge’s 1250 AFRD working in a nuclear power project. Photo by Bigge.

Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. manufacturing the world’s largest capacity land crane which was deployed at multiple nuclear power plant construction sites in 2011. The unique feature of the Bigge 1250 AFRD is that it is able to carry out multiple heavy lifts within a power plant with just one crane at one location. Given the reason, it aids in reducing or eliminate time loss for crane relocation down time. Having a maximum lifting capacity of 7,500 US ton (or 6,803 ton), the Bigge 1250 AFRD has topped the chart for World’s Largest Land Crane list.

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Video on Bigge 1250 AFRD

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