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Crane & Bus Near Miss in Singapore Caught On Video

20210708 bus crane incident singapore

A near miss mobile crane and public bus incident that happened in Singapore on 25th June was capture by the crane’s camera and uploaded to the Youtube. Check out the footage below:

Apparently, the public bus try to avoid a cyclist riding along the left lane and overtake the mobile crane in a very close proximity. Fortunately, the crane operator reacted quickly to slow down the crane to avoid the boom head colliding with the side of the bus.

Cranepedia Comment

There were some mixed comments when viewers saw this video. While some has blamed that the crane operator should be driving on the most left lane (under Singapore road regulations) and some blame the bus driver being reckless of overtaking the cyclist and filtering into the lane of the crane.

Why was the cyclist on the road?

Singapore has banned cyclist to cycle on the footpath and allowed them on the public road instead. Although there was an uproar previously due to road safety measure, the government is trying to solve the problem with plans on a comprehensive cycling network.

Crane Or Bus at Wrong?

Our opinion is that the bus is definitely in the wrong as it jeopardises public safety. Since there could be passengers on the bus, the bus driver did neglect on this consideration. Any collision will have massive injuries or casualties.

What do you think about this incident?

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