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Dorman Long Technology’s MYQ5000 Jacking Tower System (5,000 tonnes) – Completed a 125% Overload Test of 6,250 tonnes

It has been a great moment on the 29th Dec 2014 where a 5,000 tonnes capacity jacking tower system for erecting refinery vessels was test a overwhelming overloading test using 6,250 tonnes of counterweight. It was an 125% overload test being carried out on the Jacking Tower System.

China Petroleum First Construction Company, owner of the system, completed the test on MYQ5000 in Luoyang, China. The MYQ5000 was designed and supplied by UK-headquartered Dorman Long Technology in the same year.

MYQ5000 can be used to erect petrochemical vessels weighing up to 5,000 tonnes, up to a height of 160 metres high. David Dyer, DLT managing director, said that it is believed that the MYQ5000 is currently to be the highest capacity twin tower lifting system in the world.

The lifting power are provided through the four strand jacks, each rates at 1,394 tonnes capacity, which are believed to be a record size as well, Dyer added. The tower system can erect and dismantle itself without extra equipment and can be moved along a ground level track with a suspended load. Moreover, when lifting a suspended load, the system is capable to move the load sideways and even rotating it.

Download Crane Load Chart Below

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