Sonke Jordt taken delivery of first Grove GSK55 in the World

The GSK55 combines the superstructure of a Grove GMK3055 all terrain crane with a specially designed truck chassis that acts as an articulated trailer.

It has a maximum lifting capacity of 55 ton and a 43 meters main boom. With the addition of optional 8.7m and/or 15m swing-away jib, it has a maximum tip height of 60m.

It is powered by its own 104kW engine to provide all crane functions and a standard design that does not need to be assembled onto any particular brand of tractor.

Using a two axle tractor and three axles on the trailer itself, it does not exceed 9 ton on any single trailer when traveling with 11.6 ton of counterweight.

Gross Vehicle Weight is under 41.8 ton and load per axle is well below the 12-tonne mark requirement in many countries


Sonke Jordt took delivery of the crane in 2009 and used it to install structural components at EUROline Logistik factory development in Gross Parin, north of Lubeck.

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The job includes lifting and placement of frame, wall and roof units with loads up to 3 ton at a working radius of 20 – 22 meters.

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