Huisman Signs With Jan De Nul for 5,000t Tub Mounted Crane

Huisman has been awarded a contract for the design, engineering, construction and delivery of a 5,000mt Tub Mounted Crane (TMC) on board Jan De Nul Group’s newest offshore installation vessel.

The Huisman crane will be built in Huisman’s own production facility in Xiamen, P.R. of China and installed at the shipyard CMHI Haimen. The special features of the Huisman Tub Mounted Crane (TMC) allow the vessel of Jan De Nul Group to build offshore wind farms and also make the vessel extremely suitable for decommissioning offshore oil and gas platforms. The crane is set to be delivered in 2021.

The 5,000mt Tub Mounted Crane (TMC) for Jan De Nul Group’s newest offshore installation vessel will be the largest offshore wind turbine foundation installation crane installed on a monohull vessel. With this crane, Jan De Nul Group will be able to more efficiently and effectively install offshore wind turbine generators, foundations and substations.

The contract is a result of the extensive collaboration between Jan De Nul’s and Huisman’s engineers and has resulted in a crane that is unparalleled in capability and versatility. Similar to the +3,000mt Leg Encircling Crane which Huisman contracted for the Voltaire earlier this year, this crane will be unique in its class.

The Huisman 5,000mt Tub Mounted Crane is designed to allow operations with both main hoist and auxiliary hoist in extreme weather conditions and the crane is outfitted with Huisman’s Dual Main Hoist System for easy upending of large structures.

The TMC is outfitted with a large number of specific innovative features such as:

  • Huisman’s unique segmented slew bearing
  • Fully electric drive system
  • Comprehensive workability improvement solutions
  • Bridge passage system
  • Crane automation package to allow for more efficient operations
  • Preparations for future crane upgrades

“Huisman is excited to build upon the working relationship with Jan De Nul to deliver an innovative offshore wind installation solution and support the renewable energy industry to build the future wind farms at sea. Huisman is pleased with the confidence shown by Jan De Nul Group with yet another contract in a short period of time: after an award for the contract of the world’s largest monopile gripper in 2018 and the contract for a +3,000mt Leg Encircling Crane earlier this year, this contract constitutes the third and largest cooperation with Jan De Nul so far.”

Joop Roodenburg, President of Huisman

Robby De Backer, Director Newbuilding Department at Jan De Nul Group: “Following a successful first campaign with the monopile gripper on the NorthWester II project – the result of our first collaboration – and good progress on the Leg Encircling Crane of Voltaire, we feel confident that Huisman is the right partner to provide us with a third step-changing offshore installation tool. For this Tub Mounted Crane, we have carefully selected various innovations, all of which will increase safety, workability and swiftness of the operation. By continuously challenging each other during the procurement phase, Huisman’s and Jan De Nul Group’s engineering teams have come up with a total concept which enables us to provide our clients with unrivalled solutions.”

Last month, Huisman was also being awarded to build a 4,000-tonne crane for Boskalis.

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