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Hyva extends loader crane with three new models

Dutch manufacturer Hyva has extended its loader crane range with the introduction of three new hydraulic loader crane models.

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Source: KHL

The models are HC951, HC1151 and HC1651, rated at 95, 115 and 165 tonne-metres respectively. The targeted typical applications are in the rental service sector for multi-purpose loading activities with specialist driver-operators as explained by Davide Catellani, Hyva director, cranes. While he continued that these cranes also meet the requirements for heavy equipment and materials lifting in the oil & gas, mining, logistics, defence and construction sectors.

All three cranes model has continuous slewing using two slewing motors, Liftrod Articulating System (LAS) for constant capacity through the radius range and Extra Extension Speed (EES), as well as Smart Extension Sequence function for faster-operating speed, shorter load cycle time, better precision and safer operation.

Another main feature is the design of an integral base that allows the crane to be mounted directly onto the truck chassis, reducing height and lowers the CG of the crane.

For maintenance, it comes with an automatic lubrication system to simplify maintenance thus maximising resale value.


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