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Jekko hits 2000th crane milestone

Jekko Hits 2000

Italian mini crane manufacturer Jekko has completed yet another milestone with the delivery of their 2000th crane, a new SPX650 mini crane to its new dealer ATN Platforms at the JDL specialised equipment exhibition in France.

News of the Jekko SPX650 debut was released in May this year and originally set to be unveiled at the Apex trade fair in Maastricht, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jekko introduced their new SPX650 mini crane during a global live streaming event in 30th July. Check out the video below for the virtual introduction of Jekko SPX650.

We are so glad of having reached this important milestone and delivering our 2,000th crane to our French distributor ATN Platforms makes us very proud.

Alberto Franceschini, Jekko export manager.
Jekko Spx65003 461547

Described by Jekko as embodying “cutting-edge” innovations, the SPX650 has a lifting capacity of 5 tonnes, a new stabilisation system and three possible configurations, the company said the SXP650 is likely to become one its flagship products.

The handover of the 2,000th unit falls exactly 20 years after the company developed its first mini crane prototype, also marks the start of Jekko’s relationship with its new French distributor ATN Platforms.

Franceschini said.” France is one of the most important markets for us and we have been operating there for 13 years, at first together with Miltra, then with Fassi France and now with ATN Platforms.

“We would like to thank Mr Roger Boutonnet, ATN Platforms president, and his son Benoit, who first started the co-operation between Miltra and Jekko in 2007, and also Mr Gilles Cheval and Mr Frédéric Leclerc. Without their precious support we wouldn’t be where we are today”.

The SPX650 aims to further expand Jekko range of mini cranes, bridging the gap between the SPX532 and SPX1280 in terms of maximum lifting capacity.

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