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Kobelco unveils new crawler crane models for Europe & North America region

Kobelco has recently unveils their new line of crawler crane models with new engine emission standards to meet the requirements of European and North America markets.

Besides being environmentally friendly as a part of their new products, Kobelco also crafted out a brand new type of crawler cranes based on end user and real jobsite experiences to give a more transportation friendly, assembly friendly and operator friendly features to the crawler cranes.

Key features of Kobelco’s new models

New engines comply with latest emission standard. New models are equipped with new engines compliant with EPA Interm Tier IV and EURO stage IIIB.

Achieved maximum 30% less fuel consumption from previous models. A new energy-saving assist system called “G MODE” has been adopted in all news models which focuses on energy saving through three features, Auto Idle Stop System, Energy SAving Winch Control System and Engine Rpm Limitation System.

More compact design. By re-designing the structure of the machine, transportation of the crawler crane will be of much east. A minimum of 2.99 meter width and 45 metric ton or less weight of the main unit save additional time and work needed for transportation.

Operator support system & comfortable operator cabin. The new safety device assist in detection of the counterweight amount and also detects the swing angle to prevent over-swinging. There are also ground level sensor to alert the operator to prevent operations on uneven ground. While all these features are displayed on a new wide monitor in the operator cabin, it is an optional item.

Self Installation. New models are improvised with counterweight self installation mechanism which allows counterweights to be stacked on the ground and installed onto the machine by vertical cylinders.

New hydraulic circuit. The new models are adaptable to work both bucket and lifting job applications as the new hydraulic circuit can be switched over as dual pump flow or single pump flow for different job applications.

New model lineup

For North America including Canada:-
CK850G, 85 US tons lifting capacity.
CK1100G, 110 US tons lifting capacity.
CK1200G, 120 US tons lifting capacity.
CK1600G, 160 US tons lifting capacity.
CK2750G, 275 US tons lifting capacity.

For Europe:-
CKE600G, 60 tons lifting capacity.
CKE800G, 80 tons lifting capacity.
CKE900G, 90 tons lifting capacity.
CKE1100G, 110 tons lifting capacity.
CKE1350G, 135 tons lifting capacity.
CKE2500G, 250 tons lifting capacity.
BME800G, 80 ton lifting capacity.

Productions of these new models will commerce from 22nd March 2011.

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