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Liehberr Develops Manipulator 100

Liebherr Manipulator 100 with Crossbar

Liebherr Maritime Cranes has developed the Manipulator 100, a manipulator for its ram luffing knuckle boom crane series. The Manipulator 100 can work safely with loads up to 100 tonnes and help to extend the service life of its offshore cranes, Liebherr said.

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The Manipulator 100 can be used either with a hook or a crossbar, Liebherr explained. The crossbar is particularly suitable for use in bad weather or for emergency operations.

Liebherr Manipulator 100 with Crossbar
Liebherr Manipulator 100 with Crossbar

Current load handling is restricted because conventional main and auxiliary hooks are not able to rotate, making the lifting of loads difficult due to limited space. However, with the Manipulator 100 having the ability to rotate 360 degrees and has a two metre long hydraulic telescoping arm, it can eliminate the problem. It can either be used for swing-free lifting of components onboard or it can be utilised for more efficient material handling.

Liebherr says its RL-K 4200 and RL-K 7500 ram luffing knuckle boom cranes are particularly well-suited for use with the attachment. Both cranes are used for deep sea operations and pipe handling.


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