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Link-Belt ATC-3210 All Terrain Crane Unveiled at CONEXPO 2014

New Mexico-based company purchased the ATC-3210 in CONEXPO 2014. The crane was fuel and the photo show its arrival at Albuquerque Crane Service Location. This marks their seventh Link-Belt all terrain crane under their fleet.

Link-Belt unveiled their second all-terrain crane, ATC-3210 that is specially built for North American market during CONEXPO 2014. They have taken success from the ATC-3275 which was launched in CONEXPO 2001 as a success to shape this new 185 tonnes (210 US tonnes) all terrain crane. Considerations have been taken through extensive customer feedback, the ATC-3210 is built to meet the toughest transport laws in North America while also meeting Tier 4 and EPA 20143 on-highway requirements.

Technical Specifications

While transportation is critical to any market and to help with North America road laws, the counterweights are less than 10 tonnes (22,000 lbs) and can be grouped together with other components to maximise loads. The ATC-3210 with a maximum counterweight, rigging, matting and fly extensions can be transported in just three truckloads.

The 185 tonnes (210 US ton) all-terrain crane come with a 6-section full power latching boom that can be used with seven booms extend modes (EM1 – EM7). The ATC-3210 utilizes the ATC-3275 concept of an upper engine mounted transversely to allow maximum space for a stowable fly jib. A 3.7 metres (12 foot) heavy-lift fly jib with two-line, one-load lift procedures making it perfect for tilt-up work. An optional three-piece bi-fold fly jib can be hydraulically offset from 2 to 45 degrees while a four position manual offset option is available as well. Together with the jib, it is able to achieve a maximum lifting height of 99.6 metres.

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