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Mammoet orders eight cranes & a boom booster kit

tadano ac 3.045 1 city

The trip was definitely worth it – for both parties: A few weeks ago, a delegation from Dutch crane service provider Mammoet signed an order for a total of eight cranes at Tadano in Zweibrücken. In addition to two Tadano CC 38.650-1 lattice boom crawler cranes and an AC 3.045-1 City crane with an E-Pack, the “package” also includes five Tadano GR rough terrain cranes and a Boom Booster kit that makes it possible to increase the lifting capacity of CC cranes by up to 90 per cent with certain configurations.

interior of empty warehouse

Tadano Demag GmbH & Tadano Faun GmbH CEO Jens Ennen sees this large contract like a solid indicator of the trust that the Dutch customer has in his company: “Needless to say, we’re very happy that Mammoet decided on our products for this large order, and this has, of course, strengthened our business relationship as a result.” The people at Mammoet see things similarly: “We too are very happy to continue our partnership with Tadano. We’ve been following the developments at Tadano very closely and think the company is on the right track with its OneTadano strategy,” point out together Mammoet COO Jan Kleijn and Global Projects & Assets Director at Mammoet Peter van Oostrom.

tadano cc 38.650 1

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