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Manitowoc and Sennebogen into Agreement for Telescopic Crawler Cranes in North and South America

Grove GHC75 crawling onto a modular trailer. Source by Sennebogen.

Starting in 2015, Sennebogen Maschinenfabrik Gmbh will produce a series of telescopic crawler cranes at the Straubing location in Lower Bavaria as OEM products for the Manitowoc / Grove sales and service organization.

Sennebogen and Manitowoc will have a new partnership for telescopic crawler cranes targeted for North and South American markets. The two makers will combined and developed three GHC series telescopic crawlers, namely GHC55, GHC75 and GHC130.

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Brief Specifications of Telescopic Crawlers

Grove GHC55

Capacity: 50 tonne (55 USt)
Main Boom Length: 30.4 metres  (100ft)
Overall Length: 10.7 metres (35ft 3in)  (Boom Retracted)
Overall Width:: 3.5 metres (11ft 6in). (Track Retracted)
Overall Height: 3.2 metres (10ft 8in)

Grove GHC75

Capacity: 70 tonne (77 USt)
Main Boom Length: 36 metres (118ft)
Overall Length: 13 metres (42ft 6in)  (Boom Retracted)
Overall Width: 3.2 metres (10ft 6in) (Track Retracted)
Overall Height: 3.2 metres (10ft 5in)

Grove GHC130

Capacity: 120 tonne (132USt)
Main Boom Length: 40.2 metres (131ft 11in)
Overall Length: 15.3 metres (50ft 4in) (Boom Retracted)
Overall Width: 3.9 metres (12ft 11in) (Track Retracted)
Overall Height: 4.0 metres (13ft)

All three cranes in the GHC series offer the ability to pick-and-carry at 100% of their load chart and can swing loads in a full 360 degrees, making them ideal for applications such as utility projects, where cranes can carry loads across the job site, adjusting boom length as necessary.

In addition, a variety of attachments are available for the GHC cranes, including an auger attachment and pole claw. This means that it will be able to drill holes with the auger and lift poles with the claw using only one crane compared to conventional which few cranes has to be deployed. It reduces manpower to only one operator and rigger to save time and money.

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About The Cooperation

Sennebogen has more than 20 years of extensive experience in design, production and sales of telescopic crawlers. Their crawler have been proven over the years in European and Asian markets while the maker has also succeeded in achieving a leading role in North American markets for material handling equipment within a span of 6 years since 2000.

Manitowoc on the other hand is one of the world’s largest crane manufacturers with a strong and extensive sales network in both North and South America. They have full range of cranes from lattice boom crawler cranes, rough terrain cranes, all terrain cranes, truck cranes and tower cranes. However, it just lack of one more product – the telescopic crawler crane.

The cooperation will simply put both makers into a win-win situation – with Sennebogen given the opportunity to break into a larger nationwide market and Manitowoc completing its full lines of cranes for its customers with their well-known spectrum for maintenance, service, spare parts and financing.

The telescopic crawler crane will be sold under under Grove brand into North and South American markets which Sennebogen will not offer its existing 635, 673 and 6113 into these sales regions. However, the agreement will not affect Sennebogen products and their existing distribution channels.

Source: Manitowoc Press Releases and Sennebogen Press Releases.

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