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Marchetti debut electric crawler cranes

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Marchetti has launched two electric-powered versions of its 25 tonne CW25.35 Sherpina telescopic crawler crane, an all-electric battery-powered hybrid machine and a regular diesel crane with an AC mains electric powered motor.

In the all-electric version, the hydraulics are powered by a 100kW AC permanent magnet electric motor fed by a large lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) battery pack that is said to be good for a full eight-hour shift. The battery is enclosed in a steel electrically heated box. The crane is also equipped with a small Stage V Perkins diesel which can be used to recharge the batteries when it is not possible or convenient to recharge them from an AC mains power outlet.

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The second version is equipped with the standard Stage V diesel, but it is also equipped with a 400 volt AC, a three-phase electric motor that can also drive the hydraulics and operate the crane when zero-emissions and or low noise is a requirement.

The Sherpina features a five-section 25.5-metre boom with an optional three section 3.6 to 8.1-metre telescopic jib that can offset by up to 40 degrees and also provides a maximum tip height of 35.5 metres.

11 marchetti sherpine inside 5ca9af0f

The crane is compact with a telescopic track base that takes the overall track width from 2.5 metres to a maximum width of 3.9 metres. The overall length when stowed is 7.65 metres, and the overall height is just 2.71 metres. The total overall weight is 25.5 tonnes, with 3.3 tonnes of counterweight installed.

The crane has very little tail swing and is equipped with a virtual wall system within the LMI which, when set, prevents booming up or out or slewing into obstacles. The cab tilts for improved visibility, while the crane can also be operated from an optional remote controller. The new cranes are expected to be on show at Vertikal Days in May and Bauma in October.

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