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Mobile Crane overturned in Melbourne

Melbourne Precast 5-axle all-terrain crane overturned.

A five-axle all-terrain crane overturned on 25th Sep 2019 while working alongside an electrical substation in Melbourne, Australia.

Although there weren’t many details of how the accident happened, it seems that the crane did not have its outriggers fully extended while having its full counterweight hooked on and the boom was raised to maximum elevation. This might have caused the imbalance of the crane, resulting in overturning towards its rear. The crane belongs to a company called Melbourne Precast which are using the crane tilt-up concrete panels at the time.

As a precaution, the power company cut power to about 27,000 homes and the operator has suffered minor injuries. He was treated at the scene and no one else was involved in the crane accident.

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