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New Demag AC 55-3 for Baetsen Kraanverhuur

Demag Ac 55 3 Baetsen Kraanverhuur

Marc Peperkamp, the General Manager of Dutch company Baetsen Kraanverhuur, is clear about one thing: As far as he is concerned, the Demag brand represents innovative solutions and uncompromising engineering progress.

These factors were two of many that influenced his decision to buy a new Demag® AC 55-3 when deciding on a 3-axle crane. The unit was handed over to him by Tadano Demag Sales Manager Marc Dirkse.

“The Demag AC 55-3 is as versatile as it gets for us, and a huge part of that is due to its 50-meter-long main boom, which is the longest on any crane belonging to the same class. On top of this, a fully-equipped AC 55-3 will still remain under the 12-tonne axle load limit for road traffic,” Marc Peperkamp mentions as two crucial advantages that he found particularly compelling.

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