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Rolf Moll One Man Show with Tadano ATF 100G-4

210719 tadano atf 100g 4 r. moll abschleppdienst

Rolf Moll was just a one-man band when he set up R. Moll Abschleppdienst over 30 years ago. As time has gone by, the company has grown considerably, but to this day it remains very much a ‘one-crane band’. This one crane has to be able to do it all, so it’s hardly surprising that Rolf Moll relies on a Tadano ATF 100G-4. 

Stockach-based R. Moll Abschleppdienst is a family business in every sense: Rolf Moll founded the company back in 1988 and has since welcomed his wife Heike and son Raphael to the business. The company specialises in salvaging and towing as well as general crane work for the construction industry – from positioning prefabricated parts such as cellars or garages through to industrial and steel construction.

Rolf Moll relies on a single mobile crane concept for his business, which he explains has its own special requirements: “Since we only have one all terrain crane in our fleet, it has to be as flexible as possible. This is where the high performance of the 100 comes into its own, as it’s suitable for virtually any application whether it’s a salvaging mission or a construction site. That’s what makes it perfect for our needs.” 

Strong with a partial ballast

The high-speed ATF 100G-4 is also an asset for day-to-day use in particular. Its 12 counterweight variants offer flexible options for carrying additional equipment – for example, a 7.6 tonne counterweight without boom extension or 6 tonne counterweight with an 18 metre double folding jib – both within a maximum axle load limit of 12 tonnes.

Rolf Moll is particularly enthusiastic about the configuration with the 7.6 tonne counterweight: “This partial ballast makes the 100 the strongest taxi crane, in my opinion. The lifting capacity tables are just outstanding.” With the boom fully extended at 51.2 metres and the aforementioned 7.6 tonne counterweight, for example, the four-axle still manages to lift 8.9 tonnes within a radius of 10 to 14 metres. 

The perfect companion for everyday use

Moll has relied on Tadano since purchasing its first all terrain crane in 2000, and there is more to this decision than simply its strong lifting capacity: “This is now our fourth Tadano that we use, having upgraded from the 90 to the 100 and originally starting out with the 50 and the 60. We never had a single problem with them – they’re just extremely reliable. This is such an important point that is so reassuring for me since we only have this one mobile crane. What’s more, the Tadano service is always second to none. Whether it’s sales or maintenance, the staff are always competent and helpful.” 

And last but not least, the ATF 100G-4 simply drives and handles well. The asymmetrical outrigger base control along with the intuitive cockpit and superstructure design make the four-axle very easy to operate. As Moll himself sums up: “I just enjoy being out on the road in this crane – I like the way it handles. From my point of view, the 100 really is the perfect companion for everyday use.

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