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Saez with new large luffing jib tower crane

Side view of Saez SL 450 R luffing jib tower crane

Spanish tower crane manufacturer Saez has a new large luffing jib tower crane model for high-speed operation and reduced cycle times.

The SL 450 R is a single line version of the existing SL 450 model. It has a 123 kW hoist mechanism which gives a hoist speed up to 248 metres/minute with a 1.7 tonne load. Capacity at 65 metres radius is 4.5 tonnes and then 6 tonnes at 60 metres. Maximum load on one fall is 12 tonnes or 24 tonnes on two falls.

Maximum freestanding height is 84.4 metres to the hook, the manufacturer said. Features include secondary brakes on the hoist and luffing mechanisms, an automatic load levelling function and remote assistance.

The first unit of the SL 450 R has been erected for testing at the factory in Spain. It will be delivered to a crane rental company in Australia in mid-November.

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