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Second Böcker AK 52 for Berry

Second Böcker Ak 52 For Berry 1

UK crane rental company Berry Cranes has taken delivery of a second 12 tonne Böcker AK 52 aluminium truck mounted crane following the delivery of the UK’s first last January.

The latest unit is mounted on a four-axle 32-tonne truck – as opposed to the three-axle 27-tonne truck purchased last year – the new AK 52 features a four-section main boom plus a three-section luffing jib for a 52-metre tip height, with the option of 55 metres. The crane has a maximum radius of 45 metres and can take one tonne out to a 34-metre radius and a height of 30 metres.

The Böcker Easy-Lock system allows an integrate aerial work platform to be installed with a 51-metre maximum working height. The platform can be hydraulically extended to 3.5 metres and offers a maximum platform capacity of 600kg with an outreach of 30 metres, while capacity at its maximum outreach of 36 metres is reduced to 100kg. The company said extra axle proved decisive in the purchase, as the new crane offers the same lifting performance as the three-axle version, it has a more compact working footprint, requiring considerably less space to set up.

About Berry Cranes

Established in 2000, Berry Cranes is based in Towcester, South Northamptonshire. Its fleet consists of All Terrain cranes from Liebherr, Tadano and Grove, while also running one of the largest fleets of Bocker cranes in the UK, having taken the UK’s first four tonne AK 44/4000 in 2010, followed by a four tonne AK 36/4000 in 2014, a six tonne AK 46/6000 in 2019 and finally the UK’s first AK 52 in 2019.

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