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Set Win buys first LTM1450-8.1 in Asia

Handing over ceremony to Set Win for the first LTM1450-8.1 in Asia.

With a small land area and densely populated country in Hong Kong, Set Win Group has invested in the new LTM1450-8.1 to work in the constricted job sites. The Set Win Group took delivery of its new LTM1450-8.1 mobile crane during the Liebherr Customer Day at Hong Kong. Managing Directors Alan and Raymond Kan are delighted with the new flagship in their fleet, saying it was the right decision at the right time.

Liebherr first unveiled the LTM1450-8.1 at Bauma 2016 and at the same time, Set Win has also reached a decision to expands its range of services and purchase an 8-axle crane. Alan Kan recalled that there wasn’t much information about the LTM1450-8.1 at that point of time, but they have known it to have a long boom and overall concept was relatively simple.

Hong Kong is among the most densely populated cities in the world and is famous for having lots of skyscrapers. The 85-metre telescopic boom and its simple, time-saving set-up concept of the 8-axle mobile crane are therefore important for them. The crane will be intended to be used for tower crane assembly, steel structures and prefabricated concrete components hoisting works as well as installation of air conditioning systems and generators on skyscraper roofs.

“VarioBase® and VarioBallast® have proven even more useful in practice than we initially thought. These systems open up a whole new range of possible uses”, says Alan Kan. “Another advantage of the crane is that not only can it be ballasted at the front, but also at the rear end of the undercarriage. That makes things significantly easier on constricted sites.”

Alan Kan, Set Win’s Director

Set Win has a fifty-strong workforce and 25 cranes. Twenty of these cranes bear the Liebherr name. The fleet will be expanded again in the middle of this year with a new LTM 1500-8.1. “The two Liebherr 8-axle cranes will supplement each other and form an unbeatable pairing”, says Alan Kan. “We trust in Liebherr because we can rely on excellent service here in Hong Kong. Service engineers are available at all times and the main spare parts are in stock. The staff are very helpful. Furthermore, the resale value of Liebherr cranes is higher than other makes.”

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